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Songtext: Amaury Vassili - "Sognu"


VIDEO: Frankreich: Amaury Vassili - Sognu (2 Min)


Dream of her lips, of her soft and pure voice
Of a memory forever embraced, of this night, right by your side!

I deam, but still I complain, my heart indifferent to the like that awaits me tomorrow.
I am knelt down in front of the ocean.
I was ready to share the world with you
But you are no longer here
I dream of winning
Even far way, your soul is near me
Inside my dreams.

I shall sing,
Yes, I shall sing the song to the O I M E

I feel so bad that I cry,
I'll pray heaven till I die.

Maybe on top of a summit, I shall be in front of you
And the nightmare will come to an and.

My beloved, if you die, I'll die with you.

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