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Songtext: Aurela Gaçe - "Feel The Passion"

Albanien: Aurela Gaçe - Feel The Passion

Für Albanien tritt die Sängerin Aurela Gaçe mit dem Song "Feel The Passion" beim Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf an.

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Feel my heart, feel the words beet low
I sing my song and the eco flows
And wherever I go
I just want you to know
You'r the blood in my veins
and the love in my soul

You are my ware rippling in the sea
You drive my tears and you make me grieve
But wherever I go
I just want you to know
Oh sweet song of mine
I'm like an eagle in the open sky
I will never land I'm flying high

Let me share my song with you
Just feel the passion
Love the message shining through
A chain reaction
It brings my haven down to earth
And this is why
It drives me mad but it gives me life
I'm free to fly

And when I feel that I thirst for you
I'll dab my lips with your morning dew
But wherever I go
I just want you to know
Sweet song live forever
And I'll live with you

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