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Songtext: Donny Montell - "Love Is Blind"

Litauen: Donny Montell - "Love Is Blind"

"Liebe ist blind" sang Donny Montell 2012 für Litauen. Beim Finale des Eurovision Song Contest in Baku bekam er dafür 70 Punkte und landete auf dem 14. Platz.

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When the day becomes the night
You know that I think of you
And I can not control my heart
It's crying for you
Loneliness is killing me
I’m helpless without your love
Knowing when you touch someone
I can’t understand…

Now it's tearing me apart
I want you back
And it's made me realize
Just what I had

Love is blind it's true
Nobody is like you
My endless melody
I play for me and you
Love is blind it's true
I'm on my knees for you
I'd give it all I can
To have you back again
Love is blind

I just can’t believe you're gone
And I let it slip away
I can't believe I was the one
Who's caused you pain
You should know deep down inside
She didn't mean a thing to me
What can I do to win back your heart
And make you stay…

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