Songtext: PeR - "Here we go"

Die Band PeR auf der Bühne des lettischen ESC-Vorentscheids. © PeR/Linda Rutule, Dzintars Melnstrazds, Ritvars Sproģis

Lettland: PeR - "Here We Go"

Ein dynamischer Rap-Popsong mit einer Prise Robbie Williams und viel Mitklatsch-Potenzial. Das Vocalduo ist über die lettischen Grenzen hinaus bekannt.

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Here we go, here we go
So alive in the sky we can fly

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need a starlight
'Cuz never have I had a day without a fight
I slide through the darkness it took me to a height
Of a lonesome, cold and a never ending night
I’m the man on the moon call me Andy Kaufman
There are demons inside me but I’mma stomp ‘em
I, I know I can be an unstoppable force
I try, man, let me take a walk on the bright side

Here we go, here we go
So alive in the sky we can fly

A lot of thoughts in my head keep pulling me down
So many guests in my house I couldn’t notice the sound
Of the doorbell telling they're about to come
I’m surrounded by problems I got to run
(But no) I keep pulling myself up
(But no) I keep pulling myself up
I’m on a mission to fulfil my vision
All day everyday - never ever, ever give up

Here we go, here we go
So alive in the sky we can fly

Song writer: Ralfs Eilands
Song composers: Ralfs Eilands, Arturas Burke

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Das Erste | Eurovision Song Contest | 18.05.2013 | 21:00 Uhr

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