Sendedatum: 14.05.2011 21:00 Uhr

Songtext: "San Aggelos S'Agapisa"

Christos Mylordos singt in seiner Landessprache. Hier ist die englische Übersetzung.

In my loneliness dead ends
I'm walking by my self
I'll go anywhere you want me
Even the road is long

You crossed me and you make me bleed
I would have died for you
My tear went down unstoppable
Like those forgettable words

I used to think that Angels
Live only in our dreams
I was so wrong 'cause
They do live among us

My heart is like an empty city
Since you walked away
Come back, I'm waiting you
You are my star, my joy

In the garden of love
I went to search for you
I lost you in the chaos
And couldn't even cry

The cross-roads of my soul
Like Jesus secret dinner
Got lost in your ghosty walk
The circle is closed now

I loved you like an Angel
Come back into my arms again
Tell me how much you love me
Bring my heart back to life

I loved you like an angel
Come back into my arms again
And try once more to lead the light
Into my darkness

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