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Songtext: Iveta Mukuchyan - "LoveWave"


VIDEO: Armenien: Iveta Mukuchyan - "Love Wave" (3 Min)


Hey it’s me.
Look, I know it might sound strange but suddenly I’m not the same I used to
It’s like I’ve stepped out of space and time and come alive… Guess this is
what it’s all about cause…

...when it touched me the world went silent,
Calm before the storm reaches me.
The ground in motion set off all sirens,
You took over my heartbeat... beat... beat... beat...
It’s taking over me.

Shook my life like an earthquake now I’m waking up,
Gave me faith now I can break every single wall,
Prove we can do it all when all is out of love,
You (oh like a lovewave)
Spread a lovewave ´n my heart goes ba-ba-da-bu-who-oh-oh.

Caught in a downward spiral,
I lost my soul in my dreams.
I would give up and lose all trials,
When one moment changed everything.

Without even a single warning,
I’m not who I was before.
A chain reaction with no returning,
Now watch me craving for more.

It’s taking over me.
It’s taking, it’s taking over me.

You (oh like a lovewave)
Shook my life like an earthquake now I’m waking up.

Music by: Lilith Navasardyan, Levon Navasardyan
Lyrics by: Iveta Mukuchyan, Stephanie Crutchfield

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