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Songtext: Martina Bárta - "My Turn"


VIDEO: Tschechien: Martina Bárta - "My Turn" (3 Min)


From the very very first time I saw you
You were my home, you were home, you were my

Now that you are falling, let me be your calling, be
your one prayer, keep away the bad things
In this moment let me give to you what you’ve
given to me, that’s the least I can do

Baby it’s you
Every time I close my eyes
It’s always been you
Heaven knows that I’ll be waiting always by your
Baby it’s you
Every time that I was down
You were there to fix me up
You were there to pick me up
Now it’s my turn

From the billion hearts to choose between
Oh I was your choice, I was your choice, so let me
be your salvation and joy
You know that I love it when you call, just to say
hello, oh oh
Will you let me hear it, once more

Music and Lyrics by: DWB / Kyler Niko

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