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"ESC zusammen": Watch Eurovision online with your friends

Die Bühne des ESC 2021 in der Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam im Aufbau. © EBU Foto: Stijn Smulders
You can see all performances on this stage in Rotterdam with your friends via "ESC zusammen".

You want to watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 together with your friends? If you cannot meet in person because of the coronavirus or because you live too far apart - there is a solution this year. With "ESC zusammen" ("Eurovision together") - you can see the semifinal shows on May 18th and 20th as well als the Grand Final on May 22nd together. With the tool it is now possible to connect up to four people via video and watch the livestream on by using only one interface. The stream will be available from all over the world. Who will win the Eurovision Song Contest, which performance makes you smile, who has the most emotional ballad? You can talk about this in real time with your friends. But remember: You still have to grab the right party outfit by yourself.

VIDEO: ESC 2021: Celebrate Eurovision with your friends! (1 Min)

How does "ESC zusammen" work at Eurovision?

Seeing Eurovision with family and friends regardless where they live is very easy this year.

  1. Just go to It is possible to use a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobilephone.
  2. Enter your name or a nickname.
  3. With a click on "Link kopieren" ("Copy the link") you get the link for your personal room. You can share it with one, two or three more friends for example via mail.
  4. Activate your webcam.
  5. To leave the room, just click on "Aktuelle Gruppe verlassen" ("Leave this group").

The technology is already frequently used

Behind the technology of "ESC zusammen" is Sceenic, a start-up from London. Other broadcasters in Europe are using their technology as well to facilitate users watching audiovisual content from different places. The Dutch broadcaster NPO for example offers a selection of on demand clips with "NPO Samen" for it.

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