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Songtext: Agnete - "Icebreaker"


VIDEO: Norwegen: Agnete - "Icebreaker" (3 Min)


Every night
Before I sleep a shiver down my spine
Thoughts align
What can i do to make you listen

Like a northern light
You’re dancing over every border line
Passing every sign
Between reality and fiction

Every single promise that you ever made
Spinning in my mind like a hurricane
Baby yes i hear your mayday

I'll be your icebreaker
When you’re stuck in frozen water
(when you’re stuck in)
Frozen water

You go astray
Just like a Polaroid
You fade away
I'll be you partner
and liberate you from your prison

Baby yes I hear your mayday

We’re way too young to say good bye
Whenever you loose faith just hold the line
It takes a lot of nerve to save a life

Music and Lyrics by: Agnete K. Johnsen, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow

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