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Songtext: Gabriela Gunčíková - "I Stand"

Tschechische Republik: Gabriela Gunčíková - "I Stand"

Eurovision Song Contest -

Hier ist der Titel Programm: Die Tschechin Gabriela Gunčíková performt ihren Song "I Stand" auf der ESC-Bühne mit einer minimalistischen Show in Lila und Blau.

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I’ve worn the path
I’ve hit the wall
I’m the one who rose and fall
I’ve played my heart
When I played the part
But it got me through the rain
I have felt the strain
I’ve made mistakes
With the monsters in my head
But in the end
You’re standing there
You’re the one who always cares

Cause I stand
I stand
I am standing here
Just because of you
Every part of me is a part of you
I stand

I’m standing tall
I can hold it all
Now I see where I belong
The choice I made
Helped me understand
Now this life is mine to play
I am thanking you, you made me
You are my air
I’ll always care!

I stand...

You never lose hold of me
You always trust and you see
I stand
I stand.

Music by: Christian Schneider, Sara Biglert
Lyrics by: Aidan O'Connor, Sara Biglert

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